Warframe Clan – Consortium of the Claw

This clan is only affiliated with Rocketstomp.com in that its page is hosted here and that Ethereal is the clan leader.

Current size: Ghost – 10/10 spots filled
Clan emblem: Pending
Research progress: 34/59 projects complete (last updated 8/29/14)

Clan ranking system:
Titan: Clan leader – TitanEthereal
Colossus: Vice leader – (empty)
Councillor: Considered VIP, possesses Architecture/Treasurer roles in addition to below.
Claw Commander: Top 3 in clan (aside from above roles) in terms of mastery rank. May form a “claw” of four people to compete with other claws, and claim a private teamspeak room. (subject to change)
Claw Veteran: Claw Soldier who has reached mastery rank 8. (subject to change)
Claw Soldier: Broodling who has reached mastery rank 5.