Code of Ethics

While far from a typical journalistic outlet, Rocketstomp still participates in journalistic activities and is founded on integrity and truthfulness in those activities. With such a focus on trustworthiness and doing right by ourselves and our readers/viewers, we operate out of the following code of ethics:

  • Objectivity when applicable. When we write up or edit together a review for a game or report on news, we aim to keep editorialization out of it entirely. A game might be great even though none of us particularly enjoy it, and we want to make sure you know it’s great.
  • Subjectivity clearly marked. If what we’re writing up isn’t a report of some kind and is based partially or wholly on opinion, it will always be made clear.
  • Full personal disclosure. We strive to avoid conflicts of interest. In the event that there is a connection between us and the people related to/affected by content, we will clearly state so in order to make you aware.
  • Separation of advertising and content. We do accept advertising placements for the time being, but we will not produce content related to said advertisements, given they are unrelated to our products. We do not accept sponsored posts, in which content is created in exchange for any form of payment.
  • Honesty in all things. Telling the truth is part of what we’re meant to do. As we produce content meant to inform and entertain, we will never be deceitful or dishonest in any medium.

This is still being worked on.

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