Where the balls am I?
Welcome to RocketStomp, the classiest virtual landmass of impassioned and attitudinous video game content on the planet.

What's going on here?
What isn't? RocketStomp is all about video games, and that means exclusive developer interviews, livestreams, free game giveaways, reviews, first looks, contests, and more!

Why should I be here?
Easy - PewDiePie isn't that funny anymore, you're tired of Minecraft mod highlights, and you need something fresh, exciting, and "politically incorrect" in the slowly molding world of gaming media - and we're here to help. Get your headphones on and hunker down, son. We're playing hardball around here.

Wait... what do you get out of this?
Working at Rocketstomp requires a few things: That you adore gaming, that you're not a scrub, and that you're cheap. That's right! Rocketstomp is 100% volunteer right now. We're providing you with the tangy fruits of our gaming labors just because we love you, and because we love games.

Who runs this joint, anyway?
This beautiful heap of gaming goodness is currently run by a sole soul.

Zach Comm - The Chief


Born clutching a mechanical keyboard and MMO mouse, Zach truly fell in love with video games at the age of 8 after a headshot-only triple kill in a 3 on 1 vs. his classmates in Unreal Tournament (thanks, lazy 3rd grade teacher!). Since then, his fascination and passion for games has expanded into every genre that doesn't require a change of underwear (because secretly? Huge wuss).  Zach has a soft spot for independent developers and an addiction to dragonfruit juice (which usually has other juice in it, but don't tell him that). He founded Rocketstomp.com in early 2014 as a means of sharing his entirely inappropriate love of games with others through his own voice.